The ability to visually record the passage of time through photography fascinates me. If one leaves the shutter open for an extended period of time, the moment as well as those preceding it are captured in a single frame. Given this fact, I explore it in a body of work by juxtaposing different periods of time. I photograph various landscapes between dusk and nightfall. Using long exposures and various lighting techniques, I draw in elements of housing developments such as the houses themselves or streetlights. 


Conversely, I also photograph developed landscapes and apply a similar technique. For these images, I draw wildlife into the barren scenes. The images are completed using digital montage. The idea behind these images is to photograph the present state of two different places and use light drawing to show them in either the past or future. The landscape images show the potential future of undeveloped land. The suburban images show potential scenes into the past, depicting the creatures and plant life that used to inhabit the undeveloped land.


My audience for this series includes all age groups. Everyone needs to find a place to live at some point in their life, sometimes more than once. I want my artwork to accelerate their thinking about where they will live. I want to inspire my audience to take more responsibility this choice. When faced with this decision, it would be beneficial to choose an area that preserves green spaces rather than a development whose construction wiped out the existing plant and wildlife.