Young Leaves, Old Growth


No matter what time of year, it is always a treat to walk the old roads that criss-cross the land surrounding the Quabbin Reservoir. I post numerous photos and write about this place a lot because it fascinates me. It is not just the landscape but the history that interests me. In a nutshell, the state claimed the land of four towns (and several villages) and forced the residents to relocate. The structures were leveled and the land was flooded to create a water supply for the city of Boston. There is a book about the Quabbin called Accidental Wilderness. The title is absolutely true. In the process of creating the Quabbin, the state made a hidden gem without knowing it. The land around the reservoir is mostly public, aside from a few areas near pumping stations and the large peninsula that runs down the middle. Even though the buildings and houses are gone, the roads are still there. I never tire of exploring them. Some places, you can see where the roads travel right into the water. It’s like walking around in a lost civilization, but right in your own back yard. Some roads lead to old town centers, such as Dana or the village of Puppyville. That’s right folks. There was a Puppyville Massachusetts (Never Forget Puppyville!). Knowing places like Puppyville existed is one thing, however you can still walk around there making its history borderline tangible. I know I am nerding out here, but I think it is places like the Quabbin that make Massachusetts a neat place to explore.