I do not like to play favorites with my toy cameras, however I do go through phases where I use certain ones more than others. I think these phases are healthy because it gives each camera the individual attention that it needs. During my Diana+ phase, I purchased an accessory that enables you to attach a plastic Diana lens to you digital DSLR. To clarify, a Diana+ is a plastic camera with a plastic lens that makes soft focus images. Following the purchase, I did a few tests with a Diana lens on my Nikon D700. They came out pretty neat, but I did not pursue making additional work using the plastic lens. This past weekend, I was feeling really motivated (by coffee) to give the Diana Lens/D700 combo another try. I decided to use the Macro Lens attachment and do a study of images to see what came out. The above image is how the lens is intended to be used. You can take lovely macro images with a soft-focus look. After taking some shots, I looked around with the macro lens still fixed to the camera. My surroundings literally became a blur because the lens can only focus on objects that are inches away from it. I liked this effect a lot and moved forward with taking photographs of things far away with the macro lens on the camera. The following images were made using this technique.


Diana Macro Lens Study no. 1


Diana Macro Lens Study no. 2


Diana Macro Lens Study no. 3


Diana Macro Lens Study no. 4


Diana Macro Lens Study no. 5