Cadillac South Ridge Trail no. 8 – The Featherbed


As I post sneak preview photographs from Acadia, you might notice the manner in which I chose to name each image. The first part of the title is a trail or location where the shot was taken followed by what it depicted. I chose this blockbuster style of naming my work to tell the viewer where I took it, so that perhaps one day they can see it for themselves. I do this not only to try to motivate folks to visit the park, but also highlight the wonderful sites one can take in during the course of a hike. I feel that showing the photographs in sequence by trail also shows the diverse landscape one can see while traveling through the park. This is also underscores the way I chose to depict the park. I want to show the viewer that the scenes found trailside or in the distance that are not commonly found on postcards can be just as beautiful as those that are.


On a less serious note, I also like my super literal naming method because I do not have it in me to generate something hyper poetic or dramatic about each photograph I take in the park. I have seen folks do this for landscape work, but I feel can render the image borderline cheesy. For example, if I was to rename the above photograph (dead tree next to a pond) using the dramatic method it would be called something like “Nature’s Outcast”. See what I mean?