Natcho at World’s End


Yashica 124 with Velvia 100


If you have seen previous blog posts on my site or if you follow me on Instagram, you might notice that I take a lot of photographs of a green octopus named Natcho. For a while, I have been uploading photographs of Natcho but I never thought to formally explain why I do so. I imagine some folks have thought “What is the deal with this Natcho character?”. I wanted to take a moment to formally explain myself.


Natcho began as a gift to my fiancee (girlfriend at the time). We have an inside joke with octopi, so it made for a great gift. Shortly afterward, we would bring him on with us when we went out and snap a photo at the destination. It was a fun way to document an outing or day trip. Months later, we went on a trip to Yosemite National Park and brought Natcho along. I thought it would be fun to bring him along on hikes, and photograph him at various points of interest. It had such a fun time making a point to photograph Natcho, that from then on I wanted to bring him on every trip. It was in Yosemite that Natcho became my official adventure buddy. Now I bring him along on hikes, day trips, or vacations. I know this probably sounds kind of lame, and I might need to read a self-help book. However, I think it’s a fun way to document my travels. So there you have it. What began with an inside joke, developed into an ongoing photo gag (no pun intended).


There will be many photographs of Natcho to come. I have some “Behind The Scenes” images prepared to go up in the wake of my most recent work from Acadia National Park. Stay tuned.