I am pleased to announce that my photograph, Frozen Dunes, has been selected for exhibition in the 2014 Somerville Toy Camera Festival! There are five different venues hosting the event this year. I have not received word on where my print will be shown just yet, however I will post additional information once I find out.


Frozen Dunes


The photograph above was taken with a Holga 135, which is a plastic toy camera. In my experience with toy cameras, I have found that each camera has its own personality and film preferences. With my Holga 135, I noticed that it takes wonderful photographs with color slide film. According to the camera’s factory specs, this type of film should not expose properly regardless of how I have the camera set . After a test roll or two, I noticed that it the exposures come out just fine. From there, I decided to just go with it and ignore any previous doubts I had with the camera. 


My Holga 135 aka “Little Blue”