Hoh River Rain Forest no. 1


Over the summer, Amanda and I visited Olympic National Park in Washington. The park offers a very diverse landscape including temperate rain forest, rugged coastline, and snow capped mountains. I found it difficult to imagine a rain forest environment so close the tall mountains lined with glaciers, until we visited the Hoh River Rain Forest. The Hoh River is a glacial river with a milky blue color that looks like Gatorade. I just looked up the flavor of Gatorade that best resembled the color of the river. The closest match to the color of the Hoh River is appropriately named “Frost Glacier Freeze”. Say what you like about the beverage, however you cannot deny accuracy like that in a product name. What a great way to introduce work by comparing a natural wonder to a sports drink, I know. Needless to say, our time in the Hoh River Rain Forest was nothing short of spectacular.