Just before the Hopper Trailhead, lies an old barn foundation. Amanda and I passed by it before climbing Mount Greylock a few weeks ago. On the way back to the car, I gave it a closer look and saw this doorway.


I could not help but notice that it resembled one of my tattoos. The tattoo is an illustration from an album cover. To see a real-life depiction of it was very surreal to me so I photographed it. Later on, I felt that I needed to photograph my tattoo and the album cover.


Amanda helped me out by photographing my arm. I then photographed the album cover. The album is Another Language by This Will Destroy You. The album is dear to me and played a big role in a passed chapter of my life. I arranged the three photographs into a mini series to show a progression from reality back to the original illustration.

If you wish to listen to Another Language, please visit This Will Destroy You's bandcamp page.