Yashica 124 – Velvia100


It’s been over a year since my trip to Yosemite National Park. While there, I made a point to shoot as much film is logically possible. In the end, I was left with a binder full or negatives, transparencies, and contact sheets. It took me almost a full year to finish scanning all of the shots I wanted to edit. Now that I have my scans, I will move forward with the editing process. As I make progress with editing, I will put up shots here and there. The final product of my effort is still a little hazy, however I see it developing into two bodies of work. One will be a straight forward group of images like the one above. The second I am tentatively calling “Tunnel Vision”. I imagine it will take me a while to sort out and edit all of the images I plan to use for each series. I see it being an on-going project for a while. We will see how it all unfolds down the road.