Holga wrapped in Zip Lock Bag – Portra160


Since I can’t go anywhere without a picture-taking-device, I had a thought to try to go swimming with my Holga. That’s right folks, you two can make your own underwater housing for your Holga or other camera you want to risk filling with water! I made a DIY waterproof (kinda) housing my placing the camera into a Zip Lock bag, sucking out the air, and sealing it. Crossing your fingers is a recommended final step to the process. From there, I went for a swim to see how fast I could wreck my camera. Thankfully, it remained dry. For the record, I did not bring the camera under water for very long. I also kept it close to the surface, with a maximum depth of about three feet. The thought of the pressure compressing my camera was enough to keep it out of the keep end. Overall, I am happy with the results of my experiment. The only downside is advancing the film. After each exposure, I had to open the sealed bag to efficiently turn the advance knob. That was my only complaint aside from the anxiety of ruining my camera. Regardless, I will probably do this again.