Soapstone Quarry – North Dana – Quabbin Reservoir


In reading up on the area, I remember seeing a reference to a soapstone quarry located in the North Dana area. While on this hike, I noticed I would be near a hill called Soapstone Hill. I put two and two together, and decided to check out the area near the hill to see if I could find the site. After wondering down what looked like a trail on the south east side of the hill, we arrived at what I believe to be the site. There were numerous boulders at one end of a large polygonal hole with straight walls. We were there in April, just after the snow melted so the hole was filled with water and algae. Due to the algae, it was difficult to tell how depth of the hole. Afterward, I went looking for historic photographs and was able to find one however I will need to visit the site again to confirm the the point of view. I hope to get back out there before it gets too snowy.