The Surface no. 1 – Quabbin Reservoir


The Surface no. 2 – Quabbin Reservoir


I have never really experimented with making abstract images (on purpose). Last year, I tried a few experiments where I shot landscape using a plastic Diana lens on my D700, with the Macro lens attachment. The result is a blurry mess that actually works. Over the course of 2014, I tried the lens combo again while on hikes and got more results that I liked a lot. None of these shots ever made it to my site or blog because I did not have the time to edit them. Apparently planning a wedding was more important than making blurry images of clouds and trees. In the wake of the new year, I am revisiting work that I made during 2014. I dug some up some shots that I think might be part of a new series of abstract landscapes. I plan to further experiment with making these types of images over the course of this year.


The above images were also taken on New Years day at the Quabbin. The macro lens effect works, in my opinion, the best where the subject matter is far away. It is even better if the subject is moving. Due to the scale of the Quabbin, I could stand up on some rocks and point the lens out pretty far without getting any islands or other shoreline in the photograph. On top of that, the wind would pick up from time to time. The resulting images were super soft, with a hint of waves and ripples. Also, the colors and tones were smoothed out quite a bit. I am not sure if I will ever make full-on abstract work, but I think this will provide an fun creative vent from my standard issue landscape work.